Pub. 3 2021 Issue 4


NH Insurance Department Producers Licensing: Are You Compliant?

Arecent New Hampshire Insurance Department (NHID) bulletin fired a warning shot across the bow of all dealerships that sell “credit life and disability (accident and health) insurance” as part of their F&I process. The Department believes that many dealers are selling these credit insurance products but do not have the required “Designated Responsible Licensed Producer” (DRLP) on staff.

Why Call in If We Already Know What to Do and Other Great Workers’ Comp Tips

Why Call in If We Already Know What to Do and Other Great Workers’ Comp Tips

Our members are amazing! They listen to our training, and they honestly want to do the right thing for workers’ compensation. Some know the drill so well that they may not call us about the injury but instead send in the required paperwork. They haven’t done anything wrong in this case, but there is more to that initial call than just reporting an injury.


The Rust Tule: Inspection Technicians Take Note

It’s odd to be writing about rust with NH in one of its worst droughts in 20 years, but after discussion with the DMV and the State Police, it is necessary.

The rust laws have gray areas and unfortunately, can lead to some confusion and unhappy customers at the time of the annual safety inspection. We hope that this article helps clarify the law and that you share it with all of your technicians.

manchester community college

Manchester Community College Hosts Powersports Technology Grand Opening

The powersports industry in New Hampshire is growing exponentially. Demand for machines has skyrocketed and many powersports dealers have found that they can’t keep new products from flying off of the shelves. The booming industry means that there is a high need for powersports technicians and Manchester Community College is up to the task with its brand-new Powersports Technician Certificate Program.


Are You Hiring?

As the pandemic hopefully winds down, NHADA WCT members will be hiring new employees. When hiring, the first thing to consider is hiring the right person for the job. National studies have found that 30 to 40% of workers sustaining on-the-job injuries have been on the job less than a year. For that reason, it is critical that NHADA WCT members take the time to hire the absolute right person for the job.