Pub. 3 2021 Issue 4

Community College

NHADA Successfully Lobbies For $5 Million For New NH Diesel Tech Program

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NHADA Magazine Pub. 3 2021 Issue 4

Though it took a few months and many grassroots meetings and calls, NHADA’s efforts paid off: $5 million has been earmarked for a new Diesel and Heavy Duty Truck Technician training program as part of White Mountains Community College’s (WMCC) Littleton Campus. The Capital Budget bill (HB25) is currently heading toward the Governor’s desk.

In March, the House committee that first crafted the Capital budget did not fund the project, though it did note it was an essential project after NHADA’s lobbying effort. The Community College System of NH had several projects for which it was seeking funds, and the Littleton campus was not among the top projects.
However, the NHADA and its dealers did not give up. We made our voices heard through in-person meetings, virtual meetings, phone calls, and plain old letter writing. The Littleton Campus was fully funded in the Senate version to which the House agreed, and that is the version headed to the Governor. The Capital Budget is NH’s biennial budget bill dedicated to allocating money to acquire and maintain fixed assets such as land, buildings, and equipment.

The $5 million will allow WMCC to move the diesel and heavy truck program from its current location in Berlin to a new WMCC facility in Littleton. The new campus will also have an electric vehicle/charging offering as well.

Senator Hennessey was on our side from the beginning and kept pushing the issue. We thank her for her tenacity and greatly appreciate her support.

This move, which NHADA has long supported, will attract more students in a modernized environment who can access the school and help better feed our technician demand. It will also likely lead to getting more manufacturer involvement in the programs.

Senator Erin Hennessey (R-Littleton) strongly advocated for the funding and ultimately inserted it into the bill in the Senate phase. NHADA, along with Immediate Past Chair Lisa Nast, Past Chair Mike Kopp, Workers Compensation Trust Chair Matt Marrazzo, and past board member Jim Lagana met with Senator Hennessey to discuss the issue and the need for funding this project. Senator Hennessey was on our side from the beginning and kept pushing the issue. We thank her for her tenacity and greatly appreciate her support.

WMCC President Chuck Lloyd, always a strong advocate for his college, did a stellar job highlighting the benefits of the move for WMCC, the equipment/trucking industry, and future techs from across the state, including the North Country.

NHADA Board members Andy Crews, MaryBeth Alosa, and NHAEF Board member John Lambert spoke to the House Committee leadership working on the Capital Budget to educate them and elicit their support for the project. When HB25 came back for a vote in their committee, they easily supported the addition, and we thank them all for that as well.

This truly was a team and community effort that led to great success to help our industry move forward. We will keep you posted when the bill becomes law and as this exciting industry innovation project moves forward.

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