Pub 2 2020 Issue 5


Webinars Update

Over the past few months, we have been flipping our traditional seminar offerings into webinars and have had great success. During our webinars, attendees are able to ask questions and engage with each other. We utilize polling throughout sessions to gauge what topics and areas attendees would like us to focus on, and to be sure everyone is getting the most out of the webinar.


Selling Vehicle Insurance Policies at Your Dealership?

During this past legislative session, NHADA, with your help, successfully defeated a bad piece of legislation that would have significantly hampered your ability to assist your customers with obtaining financing. The bill would have made it illegal for a dealer to assist a customer in obtaining an insurance policy for their new vehicle, even if the finance source required the policy. With over 85% of vehicle purchases being financed, this function is critical. The bill was filed at the request of the NH Independent Insurance Agents and the Professional Insurance Agents of NH.