Pub. 3 2021 Issue 1

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Coming this Spring: Virtual Benefits Administrator. The Insurance Division is busy learning about their new VBA Gateway Total Enrollment Solution system. This new software system will allow our Insurance Division to serve you and your employees better.

The software is cloud-based – eliminating security risks. We’ll be able to accept group changes in real-time, and groups would be able to submit enrollment electronically via their secured portal.

Here are some features for you as a member: Members will manage all aspects of enrollment efficiently. Members will be able to enroll, edit, and terminate employee coverage. You’ll be able to review your monthly invoices; all benefit information and insurance documents will be on the portal.

At open enrollment, the member can have employees view and compare their benefit options. Employees can enroll in their new benefits; the group would be notified of changes. They will be able to easily submit changes, such as an address, beneficiary, etc.

We are looking forward to rolling this out to our members.