Pub. 3 2021 Issue 1


Save Time By Reporting Injuries Online

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In an effort to assist with timely reporting, NHADA WCT members’ can now securely submit First Reports of Injury electronically at

There are many reasons an injury might be reported late, not the least of which is the sometimes-hectic schedule that many maintain. However, every day that an injury is not reported escalates the chances of increased costs associated with the claim. Increased costs could include assessing a civil penalty of up to $2,500.00 by the New Hampshire Dept. of Labor Commissioner.

The National Council of Workers’ Compensation Insurance did a study on the effect on claims costs due to delayed reporting of injuries. That study revealed that a two-week delay in reporting cost an average of 18% more than those claims reported during week one; weeks three and four averaged 30% more, and after four weeks, claims cost 45% more.

More importantly, every day that an injury is not reported, it could impact the injured employee’s health.

These are some of the steps you can take to ensure prompt reporting:

  1. Train your leaders on the process of identifying and reporting injuries.
  2. Remind employees that all injuries should be reported, and to whom they should be reported. Also, remind them that they are participants in a formal managed care program, which requires treatment within the Windham WIN managed care network. The list of providers can be found here:
  3. Call Marta Silakka, Nurse Case Manager, at 603-406-0113 whenever an injury occurs, regardless if the employee needs medical attention. Marta can assure that the employee understands the need to treat with an in-network provider in the event they should seek treatment at a later date.
  4. Complete the online FROI at NHADA WCT will securely upload the information to the New Hampshire Dept. of Labor.

With prompt reporting, the NHADA WCT Claims Team can help you and your injured employees navigate the claims process more efficiently, which should lead to a more positive outcome for everyone involved.

Deborah Handrahan, Member Services Coordinator, is available to assist NHADA WCT members with understanding and complying with the statutory requirements of workers’ compensation. She can be reached at 800-852-3372 or