Pub. 6 2024 Issue 2

A Message From the Chair

An Incredibly Successful Membership Year

As the chairman of the New Hampshire Auto Dealers Association, I am proud to reflect on an incredibly successful membership year that has further cemented our position as a pivotal advocate for New Hampshire’s motor vehicle industry. Our collective efforts have propelled NHADA forward, achieving milestones that underscore the vital role we play in supporting and advancing our industry and the economy of New Hampshire.

This past year, we celebrated the remarkable growth of our association, welcoming 30 new members and expanding our vibrant community to over 500 engaged motor vehicle businesses. This milestone is not just a number; it represents the strength and unity of our industry, working together towards our common goals.

Our partnership network has flourished, with several notable new collaborators joining our mission. Among these, we were thrilled to introduce ComplyAuto, a new Diamond-level partner whose substantial support underscores the value and impact of our initiatives. These partnerships are essential, enabling us to offer more resources, benefits and opportunities to our members.

The year was marked by a series of successful events and fundraisers that not only brought our community together but also showcased the dynamic career opportunities within the automotive sector. A highlight was our College and Career Day, which attracted over 700 students keen on exploring automotive careers. Following this event, our Raffle for Automotive Education distributed $26,000 in automotive technology scholarships, underscoring our commitment to recruiting the next generation of industry employees.

In our ongoing efforts to promote safety and education, we have continued to strengthen our relationships with regulatory bodies, most notably the Division of Motor Vehicles. Together, we launched the NH Driver Ed Fund, a testament to our dedication to ensuring that New Hampshire’s roads are safe and its drivers well-educated. By offering both full and partial scholarships, this fund has made driver education accessible to students in need, aligning with NHADA’s mission to support roadway safety.

As we approach the end of this membership year, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for the privilege of serving you. Your engagement, support and passion for our industry are the lifeblood of NHADA, driving us to achieve even greater heights.

Please remember that if you have not already done so, you will soon receive a notice to renew your membership. Your continued support is crucial to enabling the vast array of benefits and services we offer. Together, we are more than simply members of an association; we are part of a powerful force advocating for the prosperity and safety of New Hampshire’s automotive sector.

Thank you for an unforgettable year. I look forward to continued collaboration and the opportunities that lie ahead.

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