Pub. 4 2022 Issue 1


Diane Fortier Retires After Long, Impactful Career

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Drive NH Magazine Pub. 4 2022 Issue 1

Following a 21-year career with the NHADA Products Division, Form Specialist Diane Fortier has retired. Around the office, Diane was known for her optimism and, over the years, established many relationships with long-lasting customers. Toward the end of her career, she became a crucial player in the evolution of the NHADA Store (now known as LotDrop). Diane was gracious enough to delay her retirement for over a year as we transitioned to LotDrop and switched to a new internal accounting program. If you’ve gone through a DMS switch, you can imagine that undertaking. Diane also served as an excellent mentor for new team members learning the ins and outs of the Products Division.

“Diane’s hard work and willingness to go above-and-beyond over the years will certainly be missed,” said Dennis Roberts, Jr., Chair of the NHAD Services board.

“I can’t say thank you enough to Diane, whose voice was a welcome sound to customers calling in,” said NHADA President Pete McNamara. “NHADA’s greatest asset has always been the selfless team members who clearly care about our customers and want each NH auto business to succeed. Diane was exactly that.”

The Association wishes Diane the best of luck in her retirement and again, many thanks for her hard work over the years.